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EU-funded “Dnipro Ferry” project will link the museums of Gomel and Chernihiv regions by a tourist route

January 23, 2018

“Dnipro Ferry” is a joint cross-border project of Belarus and Ukraine, one of the 18 awardees of the Belarus – Ukraine Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme.

Full name of the project is “From small/local museum forms to broad cross-border cultural cooperation”. It aims to link the museums of Gomel and Chernihiv regions by a tourist route as well as to establish communication and interaction between them, thus contributing to the development of cultural tourism.

The Belarusian and Ukrainian partners of this initiative have planned a number of large-scale cross-border events, including a Museum Forum with trainings and workshops, an international conference dedicated to the cultural and historical heritage of the region, plein-airs at important cultural and historical sites of Gomel and Chernihiv oblasts. Also, round tables for the representatives of museums, culture and education sector employees, tour operators and journalists will be held, while the museums participating in the project will develop and launch new thematic exhibitions and excursions. Moreover, an online platform combining information about the museums, as well as cultural and historical heritage of the region will be established.

Visit the EaPTC website to learn more about the Belarus-Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme.

(Source: http://www.greencross.by/ru/content/projekt_dnieprovckij_parom_poluchil_finansirovanije_ot_evropejskogo_sojuza)

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