EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

By learning the culture of the neighbouring nation - towards sustainable partnership and mutual understanding

Total duration14 months
Location(s) of the actionUkraine, Volyn region, Ratne district, the village of Zalesy; Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, agro-town Divin
EU financing128745 €
Total budget143051 €
Name of the applicantZabolottya village council

Contact person



Oleh Scherba

+380 332 778 306, + 380 50 806 4417


Contact details




Nezavisimosti street, 6, Zabolottya, Ratne district, 44142, Volyn region, Ukraine



Contact person

Contact details




Divin rural executive committee

Elena Mezentseva

Brest region, Kobrin district, agro-town Divin, Lenin street, 81, Republic of Belarus

+ 375 297 29 23 09;

kbr-dyvin@open.by; bonakobrin@gmail.com

Associated partner


Public organization "Center for Regional Initiatives of Volyn"
Chernovol street, 2b, apt. 3, m. Lutsk, 43000, Volyn region, Ukraine

Summary of the action

Overall objectiveTo contribute to the sustainable economic, social and cultural development of communities in the Ukrainian – Belarus border area
Specific objectives
  • To improve mutual acquaintance with cultural heritage of Ukraine and Belarus among residents of the border area
  • To promote culture and national traditions of Ukraine and Belarus
  • To favour people-to-people contacts by means of joint arranging and holding of cultural events
  • To involve young people to establishing cultural dialogue and civilized relations built on tolerance and recognition of different cultural systems equivalence
  • To facilitate the dissemination of information on the cultural heritage of the two regions and cross-border cooperation in the field of culture
Target audience
  • Representatives of local governments, government bodies and institutions responsible for the sphere of culture and education;
  • schoolchildren and teachers of general and music schools;
  • inhabitants of 2 territorial communities
Expected results
  • Strong cross-border contacts in the field of culture at the level of local communities.
  • Regular cultural exchanges through 6 joint cultural events (300 participants).
  • The ability of local authorities and institutions to manage and coordinate the processes of cultural activities and the development of cross-border cooperation better.
  • Familiarization of residents of border communities with the culture of the neighboring state.
  • Attraction of schoolchildren on both sides of the border (250 people) in the process of studying the culture and traditions of the neighboring people.
  • Informal inter-human contacts, which contribute to the formation of an atmosphere of mutual understanding, mutual respect and partnership.
  • Improvement of the infrastructure of cultural objects (the renovated house of culture in the village of Zalysi).
  • Improving the material base of cultural institutions.
  • Ensuring the access of the general public of territorial communities to information on the spiritual heritage and contemporary culture of the two countries through a page in the social network Facebook.
  • Joint publication - photo diary of the project "Culture smoothes borders - physical and mental".
  • Awareness of the residents of the transboundary region on the EU's financial contribution to the development of Ukraine-Belarus territorial cooperation.
  • Favorable prerequisites for further development of cross-border cooperation, incl. development and implementation of new joint projects.
Main activities
  • Study tours, conferences, learning and exchange of experience
  • Exchanges of amateur artists
  • Folklore and ethnographic festivals
  • Students’ artistic performances,
  • integration youth camp
  • Development, design and printing of a publication
  • Visualization of the project

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