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Azerbaijani and Georgian Participants meet to Generate Project Ideas for Territorial Cooperation

October 17, 2014

In October – November 2014 the EaPTC Support Programme team will deliver a series of two-day training sessions on partner identification and joint project idea generation. The invited participants are the representatives of the regional and local state authorities as well as civil society organization from eligible regions of Azerbaijan and Georgia. The training is aimed at building and/or strengthening capacities of participants to develop realistic and feasible project ideas and increasing their awareness about the cross-border realities, needs and priorities and initially identify the partners.

The trainings will provide to participants from both sides of the border with the open space to meet each other. During the trainings the EaPTC Support Programme experts will assist them in identification of the common regional needs and priorities in neighbouring regions, in generation of the successful project ideas and in searching of reliable partner from other side of the boarder for participation in future call for proposals.

The novelty of this training module consists in the exchange of field visits of the groups of potential beneficiaries. The training sessions will take place in border regions of Azerbaijan and Georgia in compliance with the following schedule:

20-22 October – Rustavi, Georgia

22-24 October – Telavi, Georgia

28-30 October – Qazakh, Azerbaijan

6-8 November – Sheki, Azerbaijan

The training will provide the participants with excellent networking opportunities.

For additional information on the content of the seminars, please contact Lorenzo Nava, EaPTC Capacity Building Expert, by e-mail:

For the information related to the logistic arrangements of the seminars in Azerbaijan, please contact Ashraf Kuliyev by e-mail

For the information related to the logistic arrangements of the seminars in Georgia, please contact Tamuna Vatsadze by e-mail

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