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Cross-border partnerships of Azerbaijan – Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme trained in project management

November 15, 2017

On November 13-15, 2017, stakeholders and partners of Azerbaijan – Georgia Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme gathered in Kachreti, Georgia, to take part in the training dedicated to project management and implementation.

Participants improved their knowledge and gained new practical skills in the field of EaPTC grant projects management, communication, PR and visibility, monitoring and reporting.

EaPTC Support Programme and EaPTC Managing Authority experts explained the basics of grant project budgeting and accounting, procurement and supply, networking with partners and stakeholders, observing the EU and Programme rules on visibility and promotion, expenditure verification and control etc, as well as specific national requirements applicable to the grant projects implementation in both countries.

Learn more about the Azerbaijan – Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme.

AZ-GE_Results of the Call_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Grant Contract_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Partnership Agreement_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_National requirements_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Communcation & Visibility_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Budget and Accounting_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Project monitoring_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Reporting (narrative part)_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Reporting (financial part)_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Project closure_Kachreti_13-15.11.17_ENG
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AZ-GE_Project logic, structure & documentation_Kachreti_13-15.1.17_ENG
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