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Armenia – Georgia cross-border teams report on their achievements in implementing grant projects

November 25, 2016

On November 25, 2016 Rustavi, Georgia, brought together nine cooperation partnerships of the EU-funded Armenia – Georgia Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme to present the achievements and results of their activities at the Georgia - Armenia Joint Decision Making Committee (JDMC) meeting. The JDMC meeting is organized by the EaPTC Support Programme in close cooperation with the Managing Authority, GIZ.

The grant cross-border projects reported on their recent developments to representatives of the central government, local authorities, civil society organisations and national platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum from Armenia and Georgia.

The winners of Armenia – Georgia Call for Proposals started their activities in October 2015 with a view to strengthening cross border contacts between local authorities, communities and civil society organisations to find joint solutions to common social and economic development challenges in the bordering regions of both countries. Currently, the AM-GE Territorial Cooperation Programme enters into the final stage of implementation: three grant projects finalise their activities this December, 2016, namely “Better Together: Joint Action for Conservation of Javekheti -Shirak Eco-Region”, “Young Travellers” and “Fairy tales teaching trust”.

The total EU contribution to the Armenia – Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme amounts to 1.35 million EUR.

More information about the Armenia – Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme, including the awarded projects, can be found at: http://eaptc.eu/en/program/view-armenia-georgia.html

Scroll down to see/download the presentations from the event!

Programme Implementation Review_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
345,85 Kb, PDF, Download
Final Reporting_General Requirements_JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
287,19 Kb, PDF, Download
Financial Reporting_AM-GE 4th JDMC Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
0 b, PDF, Download
Narrative Reporting and Visibility_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
1,47 Mb, PDF, Download
Better Together_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_AM
2,73 Mb, PDF, Download
Cross-border Economic Development_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
1,76 Mb, PDF, Download
Fairy-Tales Teaching Trust_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_GE
1,76 Mb, PDF, Download
Sustainable Forest and Energy Solutions_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_RU
683,02 Kb, PDF, Download
Waste Management_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_AM
8,81 Mb, PDF, Download
Young Traveller_AM_GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
2,96 Mb, PDF, Download
Youth Voices for Changes_AM-GE JDMC 4th Meeting_Rustavi_25.11.16_ENG
1,76 Mb, PDF, Download

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