EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Social rehabilitation of people with disabilities by creating conditions and training specialists for canisterapy in cross-border region

Total duration 12 months
Location(s) of the actionVolyn, Rivne, Kiev, Zhytomyr, Chernigov regions of Ukraine; Brest and Gomel regions (The Republic of Belarus)
EU financing136 269.00 EUR
Name of the applicant

Public company "Laska"
Contact personDana Novarchuk, Antonina Goshovskaya
Contact information
Facebook page of the project

Mamsurova St., 9, Lutsk, 43000,Volyn region, Ukraine

+380 50 570 97 95; +380 99 461 96 30


Partner"Assistance" Brest Union of Entrepreneurs, Non-Governmental Organization

Contact details


Contact person



224005, Brest, Sovetskaya street, 46, room 104

Uladzimir Mazalau


Summary of the action

Overall objectiveSocial rehabilitation of people with disabilities by creating conditions and training specialists for canistherapy in cross-border region
Specific objectives
  • Creating conditions, training specialists, organization for social rehabilitation of disabled persons using canistherapy
  • Improving the quality of life of people with special needs, infrastructure for canistherapy training, increasing mobility of disabled people
  • Development of volunteerism, increase tolerance, enhance society to the needs of people with disabilities
  • Exchanges to develop social initiatives, raising awareness campaigns in the field of social inclusion
Target group(s)People with special needs, children with disabilities, youth, volunteers, municipalities, state authorities, social rehabilitation centres, therapists, those who work with people with disabilities - doctors, psychotherapists, cynologists, public organizations of disabled people, animal protection organizations
Main activities
  • International contacts, training, and exchange of experience: round tables, learning experience, planning.
  • Organization of trainings: 6 two-day training in UA and BY - 120 hours for therapists, rehabilitators, cynologists including practical training with training dogs
  • Organizing canistherapy: seta and create a database of volunteers for canistherapy, organization works on canistherapy in the shelter in Lutsk, construction areas, enclosures, repair buildings, purchase of a van for wheelchair users, events for disabled people (1 in UA and BY 1)
  • Visualization - 4 telecasts, 500 leaflets, 15 articles in the media, 4 press conferences

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