EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Monitoring system, forecasting and firefighting in ecosystems on the cross-border area

Total duration 16 months
Location(s) of the actionTerritory of Polessye State Radiation-Ecological Reserve, Gomel region(Belarus) and Kiev region (Ukraine)
EU financing247090,00
Name of the applicantGomel Regional Department of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus
Contact personDmitry Ignatenko, Senior Engineer of the Department of Organizational Support of the State System for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations

Contact details





Olimpiyskaya St., 13, Gomel, 246045, Belarus

+375 291930333, +375 232252924



Partner 1
Contact person
Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv Oblast
Lilia Pysanko
Mezhigorskaya St., 8, Kiev, 04071, Ukraine
+380444825644, +380501613962
Partner 2
Contact person

State Environmental Research Institution "Polessye State Radiation-Ecological Reserve”
Evgeniy Shumak
Tereshkova St., 7, Khoyniki, 247618, Gomel Region, Belarus

Summary of the action

Overall objectiveIncreasing the safety and security level for the population in the Belarusian and Ukrainian eligible areas through common trainings and cooperation actions in the sphere of fire and environment protection
Specific objectives
  • Innovative monitoring system and forecasting capacities in ecosystems
  • Increasing inter-operability capacities for strengthening cross-border cooperation in the field of emergency situations, firefighting and information publicity
Target group(s)
Main activities
  • Designing, building/setting up and using the modern fire-detection system – an Automated Remote Infrared and Television System for Forest Fire and Ecological Monitoring on the territory of SERI "Polessye State Radiation-Ecological Reserve" in order to provide common monitoring large forest areas and other terrain, to detect fires in early stages and to predict fire spread and fire emissions
  • International trainings for strengthening cross-border cooperation in the field of emergency situations

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