EaPTC Azerbaijan – Georgia Awarded Grant Projects

Civil society for development and cooperation: increasing tourism potential in the bordering regions of Azerbaijan and Georgia

Total duration14 months
Location(s) of the actionGanja-Gazakh and Kvemo Kartli regions
Total budget203,442.40€
EU financing182,691.30€
Name of the applicantKoda Community Education Center
Contact personGalina Oqropiridze

Contact details





IDP Settlement, Village Koda, Tetritskaro Municipality, Georgia





Contact person

Contact details




Ganja Regional Women’s Center Public Union

Maleyka Alizade

drop-2/ h-5. Mukhtar str., Ganja, AZ 2003, Azerbaijan

+994 50 346 22 68


Summary of the action

Objectives of the action
  • To improve living conditions on both sides of the border by developing joint solutions for common social and economic development challenges in the region;
  • To contribute to the development of cross-border synergies in the tourism sector.
Target groups
  • New and existing hospitality businesses in Ganja-Gazakh and Kvemo Kartli regions;
  • Service providers: local entrepreneurs, hotels, restaurants, tour
  • Operators;
  • Local public authorities and civil society organizations;
  • Youth and ethnic minorities.
Main activities
  • Setting up an Information Center and a common database;
  • Conducting trainings;
  • Implementing extensive promotion activities;
  • Conducting pilot tours in the bordering regions between Ganja-Gazakh and Kvemo Kartli, so that they can be included in the international tourism routes in the future;
  • Creation of employment opportunities in the sector for youth;
  • Enrolment of youth in all aspects of the project.
Project results
  • Improved social and economic situation in the target regions;
  • Improved access to tourism attractions and facilities of the cross-border region;
  • Enhanced public awareness of tourism opportunities;
  • Increased capacity of local authorities and civil society organizations to efficiently manage the tourism potential of the target regions;
  • Improved cross-border cooperation between key stakeholders in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Project Factsheet
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