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The first fruits of the Armenian – Georgian territorial cooperation: the bar has been raised high – to be continued

June 26, 2017

On June 16, 2017, Closing Conference of the Armenia – Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme was held in Gyumri (Armenia). It was a significant event for the whole EaPTC Programme, considering that this is the first programme that has already been completed, while Moldova – Ukraine and Belarus – Ukraine programmes are just about to start.

What is special about the Armenian – Georgian projects? First of all, they are very qualitative and implemented with deep heart's devotion. Their successful results are already being used by various social and age groups. For example, schoolchildren in the two countries, for whom a wonderful project aimed at studying the neighbour’s fairy-tales was implemented, "bicycle" youth, who can now more actively use the opportunities of cycling, young experts and tourist guides in the field of cross-border Armenian – Georgian tourism. The neighbouring regions have jointly improved the solid waste management services, learned about the opportunities for the development of cross-border business, doubled efforts to protect forests etc.

The Closing Conference “Impact on Regional Sustainable Development and Cross-Border Cooperation”, where the results of the -border projects were presented, brought together high-ranking officials from both countries, including Mr Vache Terteryan , First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia, and Mr Irakli Matkava, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.

Panel discussion was very interesting: the participants' presentations once again emphasized the important experience that both sides gained from interacting with each other under the programme. Official part was highlighted with the awarding of diplomas to the nine cross-border teams.

Being the first to finish the programme, our Armenian and Georgian friends raised the bar high enough. The other EaPTC participants do have good examples to look up to and work for. No doubt, they will keep pace taken by the groundbreakers.

(Anatoliy Martsynovskyi, EaPTC Information Multiplier in Ukraine)

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