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Armenian-Georgian partnerships present their achievements in implementing joint grant projects in Yerevan, Armenia

July 26, 2016

On July 26, 2016, Armenian-Georgian cross-border cooperation teams gathered together in Yerevan to present the first results and achievements of their joint grant projects implementation. Nine different projects addressing common environmental, economic and social challenges were initiated in September 2015 with a view to changing people’s lives for better. 

The outreach event brought together the representatives of the national and local authorities, mass media and international donors. Mr Vache Terteryan, First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia, Ms Monica Papyan, representative of the EU Delegation to Armenia and Mr Karsten Posse, the EaPTC Managing Authority, delivered a welcome speech to the participants and congratulated the Armenian and Georgian partners on the successful implementation of their projects.

The EaPTC Support Programme team has been actively assisting the Armenian and Georgian partners at the implementation stage. Thus, Armenian and Georgian informational multipliers undertook site visits to the bordering regions to collect first-hand information on the current status of the grant project implementation and prepared the stories about local people benefiting from it

The EU-funded Armenia-Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme (EaPTC) comprises nine joint cross-border projects between Armenian and Georgian partners focusing on local economic development, environment protection and people-to-people contacts in culture, education and sports.

Please see the attached presentations below:

CED Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Fairy Tales Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Sustainable Forest Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Waste Management Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Young Traveller Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Youth Employment Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Youth Voices Project_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Borjomi Training_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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Paros Round Table_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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SEMA Presentation_Tbilisi-Yerevan_JULY 21-26
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