EaPTC Moldova – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Developing a territorial early warning system for flood emergencies in the Prut river region (TEAWAS)

Title of the actionDeveloping a territorial early warning system for flood emergencies in the Prut river region (TEAWAS)
Location(s) of the action

Republic of Moldova

Chernivtsi region, Ukraine

Total duration16 (sixteen) months
Total cost329894,9 EUR
EU financing296905,41 EUR
Name of the applicantCivil Protection and Emergency Situations Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova (National CPESS)

Department of State Emergency Service in Chernivtsi oblast, Ukraine 

NGO Bukovinian Agency Of Initiatives And Development, Ukraine 

Direction for Emergency Situations Edinet, Republic of Moldova

Applicant’s contact details

Address, telephone, fax,
69, Gh. Asachi Street, Chisinau, MD-2018, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: +373 22 73 85 06
Fax: +373 22 73 85 06
E-mail: international@dse.md                                                                                                                                                                        

Summary of the action 

Objectives of the action

Overall objective of the project is to reduce the environmental, economic and social impact of natural disasters and hazards by timely notifying and informing citizens and public authorities.                                                        

Specific objectives:

  • To collaboratively design and pilot a new early warning system in flood-prone regions of the Prut river in Ukraine (UA) and Moldova (MD) that can be scaled up to national levels.
Main activities

  • Conducting feasibility study of the needs and requirements to implement an early warning system in Moldova and Ukraine;
  • Conducting market analysis of available early warning systems;
  • Piloting an early warning system in addressing flood emergencies and hazards in flood-prone communities of the Prut river region;
  • Communicating activities between Ukraine and Moldova that include volunteer training and exchange of best practices that will increase cross-border collaboration in emergency management and communication of the project;
  • Scale-up and lessons learned from the early warning system – adapting the system for use in other natural emergencies and hazards and in other regions of Ukraine and Moldova.


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