The sports facilities of Eastern Lapland and the nearby towns in Russia are utilised - to the full

Kemijärvi municipality has started a project today known as Kolarctic Sports. The aim of the project is that the participants of sports activities could make use of all the sports facilities on the region – the country borders notwithstanding. The towns Kemijärvi, Salla, Kandalaksha, Kirovsk and PolarnieZori are participating in the project as partners, and numerous sports associations also participate.The sports facilities in these towns and villages differ from each other. In every town, there are more or less crowds of eager opponents, sparring partners and participants for sports camps. When the towns unite their resources, arranging sports events is more fun than acting just within the limited resources (and limited amount of possible friends) of the hometown.One aspect of this co-operation is that it results also to some personal relations between the citizens of the neighbouring countries. These are not usual on the border between Lapland and Russia – at least, they are not self-evident, like personal relations with Swedes on the western border of Finnish Lapland.A part of the project´s financing is allocated to improvement of the sports sites – so that they can carry the increased challenges related to the international activities. The project is aiming to increase both sports activities and demand and motivation to develop the facilities further, and thus create an upward spiral of development.

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Be good at sport through three countries

The main objective of the project is to popularize team sports - volleyball, football and floorball - in Valga, Valka and NovoeDevyatkino municipalities by encouring co-operation of sports teams. Partners of the project are interested in: - acquisition and distribution of good practice to all 3 countries (kick-off and final conference); - creaton co-operation between most popular sport fields in municipalities (especially floorball, football, volleyball); - improvement of material basis of sports teams; - gaining new experience in common team sports games; - popularization of floorball in NovoeDevyatkino by common trainings and competitions. There will be a certifiedfloorball field equipment acquired within the project (foorball boards - certified, 40m x 20m and floorball goals), player equipment (uniforms, balls, sticks, floorball goaltender uniforms), balls and uniforms for volleyball and football sport teams. A brochure in 4 languages (Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English) will be published to promote of healthy lifestyle, sports activities in partner municipalities and project results. The main benefit from the project will be that sports teams from all three countries will have new collaboration contacts on team and personal level. Russian partners will get knowledge and practise in new sport game - floorball and everything necessary will be acquired to organize common sports games in subsequent years.


Promotion of Healthy Life-Style Organizing Sport Events in Latgale and Pskov Regions

The project is focused on fostering regional competitiveness and attractiveness to people through improved life quality and access to sports and health facilties in the project area. The project period is 18 months. The project partnership involves 2 project partners: Latgale Region Development Agency (Lead Partner), Latvia, and Pskov state educational institution of additional education for children "Children and Youth Sports Training", Russia, and 1 associated partner State Committee of Pskov Region on Youth Policy and Sports, Russia; the wider project partnership involves 16 various municipalities and insitutions. The project addresses the problem of social exclusion, unhealthy life-style and lack of access to sports and health facilities. The project offers solution of the problem by ensuring healthy life awareness raising and inclusion activities. The target group is Latgale and Pskov community regardless of their age, gender and social status and socially excluded community groups - youth at risk for drug, alcohol and tabacco addiction, youth from marginalized or low income families, women at risk, people with special needs - the philosophy of the project is to involve and include these target groups into common integrated activities of the general community and to promote healthy life-style understanding by means of sports, namely basketball and streetball. This activity is affordable, accessible and democratic for marginalized and socially excluded groups at risk. The specific sub-objectives of the project are: (1) to ensure opportunities for socially excluded community groups and those at health risk to join common health and sports and raise awareness of healthy lifestyle; (2) to build capacity of municpalities and their institutions for public service delivery to the community groups; (3) to promote social inclusion and healthy lifestyle at local, regional and cross-border level. The project activities include organization of cross-border sports activities, delivery of training to municipalities and sports specialists, awareness raising among the cross-border community on social inclusion and healthy lifestyle as well as project publicity actions, promotion of networking for sustainable cooperation among the project partners, municipalities, sports organizations, NGOs, educational, social institutions. In the result of the project the life quality, accessibility to active leisure will increase. The sports and health tools include basketball, voleyball, futsal, streetball, football 7x7 tournaments and distance shots, penalty shots, basket shots, etc. The Project plans the number of people at risk, involved in common sports and health promotion activities to be increased twice by project end.

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Arrangement of Football Camps for Children in Lithuania and Belarus

The arrangement of football camps in the Programme eligible areas in Lithuania and Belarus has an objective to improve social networking and community development between Lithuanians and Belarusians, especially 11-14 years old children. The arrangement of football camps will significantly contribute to solving the problem of existing mental and cultural barriers between the residents of two neighbouring countries.Objectives: Overall objective of the project is to contribute to strengthening social-cultural networking and community development in the adjacent regions of Lithuania and Belarus. Permanent co-operation between people, especially the young population, knowledge of one’s culture and history, would strengthen social cohesion, the sense of common trust, knowledge and understanding of each other and would likely become a starting point for future business co-operation or joint actions at the local governance level. Results&outputs: 300 children from Lithuania and Belarus will take part in the joint football camps (both in Lithuania and Belarus). Specialists from the football federations of Lithuania and Belarus, as well as coaches from both countries will also be involved in the action. The long term cooperation agreement will be signed between the Lithuanian Football Federation and the Belarusian Football Federation.

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Sport education on cross-border territory – preparation and building of sports stadiums in Ketrzyn Community and Ozyorsk

The overall objective of the project is development of the cooperation between Warmia and Mazury Region (Poland) and Kaliningrad Region District (Russia) oriented at the improvement of cross-border sports education of the residents of these areas. Main estimated results of the project can be defined as follow:1. Increase in the number of residents of Kętrzyn and Ozyorsk areas having access to the sport education and sport facilities. 2. Modernized sport field in Lazdoje and prepared technical documentation on the renovation of the Sports School and creation of the football pitch in Ozyorsk. 3. Study visit and workshops on different sports types for the physical education teachers, sport trainers and instructors, sport lessons, workshops and competitions/tournaments for children, teenagers and adults organized in Kętrzyn and Ozyorsk Districts.