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Craft & Design Business Incubator

The project is aimed at working out the creative cluster development strategy and its action plan; at creating and equipping an infrastructural and administrative center of the creative cluster in Petrozavodsk, which is the Craft & Design Business Incubator targeted at the development of regional design based on cultural heritage, including souvenir and craft design; at developing the concept and architectural project of a modern exhibition and presentation center of the creative cluster, which will turn into a place for creation and communication of citizens as well as a tourist sight; at creating and equipping business incubator’s branches - special handicraft points in culture centers which provide local population with self-employment (pilot projects in Sortavala and Pitkyaranta regions); at creating the system of marketing, quality control and distribution of design and craft products. The project main activities are targeted at professional growth of young designers and artists, improvement of business skills and assistance in setting up small businesses for the creative industries actors (craft, fashion, textile, etc.).


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Promoting the use of cultural heritage and resources in product development in border areas (Heritage Business)

The main problems in border regions, which are remote areas, are the same: 1)decrease of population; 2) low business activity; 3) unemployment. One measure targeting these problems is development of SMEs. In EU 20 million SMEs represent 99% of businesses, and are key driver for economic growth, employment and social integration. According to researches made in Estonia and Latvia the survival rate of SME-s after 3 years is 50-57% and situation in Pskov Region is mainly the same. Therefore improvement of competitiveness of SME's is important. Overall objective of the project is development of competitiveness of SME’s from border areas through the cross border co-operation and the use of local cultural heritage and resources in product development. Achievement of this goal contributes to a long-term future impact, which is more sustainable and competitive economy in project area. At the same time huge potential and beneficial location of project area in the cross roads of 3 countries and rich cultural heritage (Seto, Pskov, Vidzeme, Latgale) is underutilized. There is regional development programme of Seto ethnic culture initiated in Pskov region, current project also supports the achievement of the aims of this programme. Specific objectives of the project are related to 1) Improvement of skills and capacity of SME's in project area for using local cultural heritage, traditions and local resources in different business sectors; 2) Improvement of business environment for SME's in project area through exchange of know-how and experiences; 3) Improvement of skills and knowledge of school-children about entrepreneurship to ensure the future sustainability of business sector and to reduce unemployment of young people; 4) Creation of modern public infrastructure for SME's in project area, which can be used for consultation, meetings, trainings, seminars, dissemination of information, incubation etc. The Project is targeted at the group of 0-5 years old SME's from project area, but also at school children. It enables schoolchildren to receive both practical and theoretical basic knowledge about entrepreneurship and business life.

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PRACTICE FUTURE - an Open Innovation Local Business and Students Network in the Barents Region

Small enterprises in the Barents Region and students and faculty staff from five universities are cooperating in an Open Innovation project. The aim is twofold: 1) develop practically relevant business ideas and business models for the case companies in question and facilitating companies’ access to markets abroad; 2) develop and implement an internationally applicable tool of entrepreneurship education to (non-business) students. Over the entire project, a network of some 250 students from Russia, Finland and Norway will participate, as well as at least twelve firms from partners’ countries. Additionally, some 20-30 firms are supposed to be involved indirectly as potential partners of the case companies.

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The project will help small and medium size tourism destinations and hotels to gain more visibility, competitiveness and attraction on an international level. This is done by co-operation where the participants can utilize knowledge, adjust their supply to each other, modify their products and services, improve and develop their supply and quality, create and pack products and learn to co-operate with bigger actors on the market.

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Salla-Gate - Business and Tourism Partnership

The municipalities around the Salla border crossing point together constitute a cross border economic activity partnership area, where there is a constant flow of business activities across the border. The project aims to increase the successful utilization of the favourable geographical logistics, the nature nature, the manmade areas and the differences in the way of living and the rich and varied cultures to their optimal potential.Project's specific objective is to create a functioning network of entrepreneurs and companies in two key industries; tourism and supporting services for mining.

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Cross Border Business Cooperation Network UA-RO-MD

The overall objective consists of providing assistance to entrepreneurs and business representatives interested in the establishment of business and partnership relations with representatives from companies in Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. However, the interest in the project was aroused both by the opportunity of establishing partnership relations, with representatives of other countries' partners and as a result of a continuing dialogue between representatives from government institutions of Ukraine and partnership countries that have been actively involved to collaboration. Partners held meetings with representatives from business structures, analysed their needs and difficulties regarding what concerns the development of a border partnership, while also conducting three trainings with representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises, resulting in partnership agreements with the participants of these events. The Centre of Cross-border Cooperation Development was established as part of the Centre of Business Education of Odessa National Economic University. The centre constantly ensures the creation of an educational and informational area for support of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the border region in such fields as entrepreneurship, trade, marketing, logistics and investments attraction, legal aspects of business conduction in the border region, environmental management and use of resource efficient technologies.

Public policies And Social Enterprises

PASE has highlighted an the issue for many regions: - to define a support strategy for social enterprise, in particular, in Romania and Poland.The project focused on strengthening the role of social enterprises as driving force in regional and local sustainable development surrounding the following issues:discovering best practices, procedures, tools and pathways to ease the achievement of the community benefit goal;building the capacity of social enterprises;raising awareness of public administrations;improving public attitude towards social enterprises.The project partners have produced, “Guidelines on social public procurement policies” devoted to the development of new, innovative instruments favouring the emergence of new public social partnership/procurement models at local level and “The resource integrating state - development potential versus the quality of public regulations” with analyses the modalities by which public authorities, use the potential of their local partners to stimulate socio-economic processes.

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Black Sea Tradenet

The overall objective of the project is to encourage and facilitate intra-regional partnerships and crossborder economic cooperation aiming at sustainable development in the BlackSeaBasin, based on combined resources, activities and networks of common interest.The project will have a direct long-term impact on the economic and trade development in the Black Sea Basin by creating the “BlackSeaTradenet” Network with contact points in all five countries, aiming at actively promoting business and economic cooperation, through increasing local business environment and business support organizations level of knowledge and preparation, as well as enhancing the general framework for business partnerships. Specific objectives: 1. to improve access of business and potential investors to intra-regional information and trade supporting instruments; 2. to initiate a pro-Black Sea entrepreneurial culture by promoting business opportunities; 3. to facilitate connectivity between business support organisations; 4. capacity building among business support organisations. Main activities include: documentation on 7 subjects related to business registering, operating and cooperating in the 5 partner countries; fostering and promoting economic and trade cooperation, through joint and local events, and specific instruments; creating the Black Sea Trade network.