EaPTC in Q&A;

Please provide us with directions on how the following sections of the Application Form (Annex A) shall be filled in:

a) Location(s) of the action: Could we fill it this way: Name of the Country/ Region/ City or town b) Nationality of the applicant: Do we need to write the full address of the organization or only mention the nationality (Armenian or Georgian)? c) Dossier No: Do we need to fill this column? d) EuropeAid ID: Is this obligatory?
- Location(s) of the action: Please specify the country and name of the region where your project will be realised and that will benefit from your project. Divide the names by a simple coma (,).

- Nationality of the applicant: Please state which country the applicant is registered in as it is depicted in the Organisation’s Statutes e.g. Republic of Armenia or Georgia.

- Dossier No: Please do not fill in this box. It shall be empty to be filled by the Contracting Authority.

- EuropeAid ID: If the applicant’s organisation is registered in PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration), please write your EuropeAid ID number here. If not – you might want to register, and registration is encouraged, however under this Call for Proposals PADOR registration is not mandatory.

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