EaPTC in Q&A;

Should we keep strictly the Chapters (like Human Resources) and the numeration of the expenses (like 1.1.1 Technical). Can we add or delete Chapters and the expenses lines accordingly to the rationales of our specific project?
Please do not delete chapters and stick to the numbering of the expenses, for instance, 1.1.1 Technical and 1.1.2 Administrative/ support staff, these are the subheadings, therefore one should neither touch them nor fill in any figures (costs) along these lines. 1.1.1. Technical simply separates the project related staff from 1.1.2 Administrative/support staff, i.e. under Technical you would simply list such staff as Project Manager or any other, also indicating respective figures (costs) along these budget lines and number them as;; etc. Same principle applies to 1.1.2 Administrative/support staff. Here you could list positions as accountant, driver or any other administrative personnel as required by your action therefore numbering them as;; etc.

Although the budget headings shall not be touched, it is permissible to add or delete budget lines within budget headings provided by the template. If you cannot find the right budget heading to locate your cost, please remember that you can allocate such costs under Heading 6: “Other”

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