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Can you please clarify the following part?

1. Part from Article 2.2.1 of the Guidelines for grant applicants Worksheet 1 - 'Budget for the action' (worksheet 1 must include all eligible costs that are foreseen under the action); each cost item should be broken down as per each applicant, co-applicant and affiliated entity and names of applicants (as well as co-applicant and affiliated entities) should be indicated along with the description of each particular cost. For each salary line, the percentage of time devoted to the action should be indicated along with the position title.
Along with the description of the budget line the name of the applicant should be indicat ed which would incur this particular cost during the implementation period, also meaning that one and the same type of cost belonging to two different co-applicants or to the applicant and co-applicant should be split in two budget lines, indicating the name of the respective applicant or co-applicant along with the description of the budget line. Also if the budget line refers to the staff salaries it is important to indicate the percentage of time (out of the full time) the particular staff member would devote to this Action.

For instance, suppose the applicant named X and its co-applicant named “Y” both employees the project accountant to administer the relevant portion of project accounting. Project accountant of “X” devotes the 70% of it’s time to the action and the project accountant of “Y” devotes the 50% to the Action. Given the conditions above these budget lines would look the following way: - Project Account - "X" - 70% - Project Account - "Y" - 50%

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