EaPTC in Q&A;

In the budget sheet- the 10th line on indirect costs- can you elaborate how this needs to be completed? what to include
First of all please refer to the section 2.1.6 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, afterwards, as described under the Article 14.7 of the General Conditions of Standard Grant Contract

«The indirect costs for the action are those eligible costs which may not be identified as specific costs directly linked to the implementation of the Action and may not be booked to it directly according to the conditions of eligibility in Article 14.1. However, they are incurred by the Beneficiary(ies) in connection with the eligible direct costs for the Action.»

Also they may not include ineligible costs or costs already declared under another costs item or heading of the budget of this Contract.

Therefore after applicant comes up with the percentage it should apply in order to cover the above described indirect costs, the calculation goes like this:

Heading 9 × x%= Heading 10, where:

Heading 9 is the total direct eligible costs of the Action


„x“ is the above mentioned percentage for the indirect costs not exceeding 7%.

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