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Ineligible costs: Salary costs of the personnel of national administration7.-

The salaries of civil servants from local administration are considered as eligible costs in case they relate to the costs of activities which the relevant public authority would not have carried out if the action were not undertaken. However, the salaries cannot be financed from the EU contribution. They can be considered only as co-financing contribution. What does it mean? 1. If a project coordinator is a public officer can he/she be paid salary form a grant amount (90%)? 2. Can the same public officer input the part of his/her salary as a co-financing? 3. Should he/she provide a justification document from his/her management that he/she will be able to appropriate % of working time used for the project? 4. Should the organization where he/she works charge the mentioned % of salary to the project?
If the project coordinator is a civil servant her/his salary is not eligible (except for the case with the civil servant of local administration).

A salary from a civil servant of a local administration can be considered as a co -financing and only as co-financing (10%).

In line with article 16.9, paragraph “k”, she/he should provide the documents mentioned there i.e. staff and payroll records such as contracts, salary statements and timesheets.

If a person devotes a certain percentage of her/his time to the action, this input can be covered from the action as long as costs are eligible in line with section 2.1.6 of the Guidelines for Applicants.

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