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2.1.5. Eligible actions: actions for which an application may be made-Joint staffing – means that the joint action should not duplicate functions. Within the staff, a balanced distribution of activities and responsibilities shall be made, for example, one project manager and one financial manager should be sufficient for the entire project in case of small scale projects.

How should the budget line be? Director (Applicant) Two Coordinators (Armenia and Georgia) Two Assistants (Armenia and Georgia) Two Accountants (Armenia and Georgia)

Or should it be in this way? Director (Applicant) Finance Manager in Georgia Coordinator in Georgia Assistant to Coordinator in Armenia Assistant in Georgia Assistant to Coordinator in Armenia Accountant in Armenia
Joint staffing means that functions shall not be duplicated i.e. overall Action shall be managed by one employee and/or the overall financial reporting shall be made by one Finance Manager. If the action is large enough and if the functions can be justified the partners can involve their own accountant each of them performing relevant duties and their areas of functioning should not overlap each others’.

As for how the staff involved shall be listed in the budget, as it is referred to in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, “each cost item should be broken down as per each applicant, co - applicant and affiliated entity and names of applicants (as well as co-applicant and affiliated entities) should be indicated along with the description of each particular cost.” Also do not mention two positions in one line meaning two coordinators or two accountants shall not be indicated into one budget line.

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