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Shall both the applicant and co-applicants present the financial identification and legal entity sheets?
- As referred to in the section 2.4 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants: «Legal entity sheet (see annex D of these Guidelines) duly completed and signed by each of the applicants (i.e. by the applicant and (if any) by each co-applicant(s), accompanied by the justifying documents requested there. This document must be submitted as original.» - As referred to in the section 2.6 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants: «On the contracting stage a financial identification form of the applicant (not from co- applicant(s)) will be requested, conforming to the model attached at Annex E of these Guidelines, certified by the bank to which the payments will be made.» - Also please note that none of the mentioned forms are submitted on the application stage (for documents to be submitted at the first stage please to GfA, 1st paragraph of the section 2.2.2). As mentioned in the above point the Financial Identification Form shall be submitted on the contracting stage and Legal Entity Sheet shall be submitted when so requested by the Managing Authority (see section 2.4)

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