2007 - 2013 ENPI CBC Programmes

CBC Baltic Sea Region Programme

Countries: Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden


1. Fostering innovations

2. Internal and external accessibility

3. Baltic Sea as a common resource

4. Attractive & competitive cities and regions

Website: http://eu.baltic.net/

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In Engish: http://eu.baltic.net/Approved_projects.4589.html?

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CBC Black Sea Basin Programme

Countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine


1. Supporting cross border partnerships for economic and social development based on combined resources including the following measures:

Measure 1.1 Strengthening accessibility and connectivity for new intra- regional information, communication, transport and trade links;

Measure 1.2 Creation of tourism networks in order to promote joint tourism development initiatives and traditional products;

Measure 1.3 Creation of administrative capacity for the design and implementation of local development policies.

2. Sharing resources and competencies for environmental protection and conservation including the following measures:

Measure 2.1 Strengthening the joint knowledge and information base needed to address common challenges in the environmental protection of river and maritime systems;

Measure 2.2 Promoting research, innovation and awareness in the field of conservation and environmental protection for protected natural areas;

Measure 2.3 Promotion of cooperation initiatives aimed at innovation in technologies and management of solid waste and wastewater management system.

3. Supporting cultural and educational initiatives for the establishment of a common cultural environment in the Basin including the following measure:

Measure 3.1 Promoting cultural networking and educational exchange in the Black Sea Basin communities.

Website: http://www.blacksea-cbc.net

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CBC Estonia/Latvia/Russia Programme

Countries: Estonia, Latvia, Russia


1. Socio-economic Development: fostering socio-economic development and encouraging business and entrepreneurship; transport, logistics and communication solutions; tourism development.

2. Common Challenges: protection of environment and natural resources; preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage and support to local traditional skills; improving energy efficiency.

3. Promotion of People to People Cooperation: small scale activities to develop local initiative, increase administrative capacities of local and regional authorities; cooperation in the spheres of culture, sports, education, social and health care.

Website: http://www.estlatrus.eu/

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CBC Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine Programme

Countries: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine


1. To promote economic and social development:

Measure 1.1 The harmonised development of tourism;

Measure 1.2 The creation of better conditions for SMEs and business development: to boost the performance of the SME sector in the border area by increasing market knowledge and creating better infrastructural services for existing businesses as well as potential investors.

2. Enhance environmental quality:

Measure 2.1 Environmental protection, sustainable use and management of natural resources, including energy;

Measure 2.2 Emergency preparedness to improve preparedness of the authorities and inhabitants of the border region for the management of emergency situations caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires, avalanches and landslides as well as industrial accidents generating cross-border pollution impact and to improve the effectiveness of environmental monitoring activities.

3. To increase border efficiency:

Measure 3.1 The improvement of border-crossing transport infrastructure and equipment at border controls: to increase the capability of borders with Ukraine to manage freight and passenger traffic by increasing capacities of existing infrastructure, supporting the establishment of infrastructure for new border crossing points as well as improving coordination at border crossing points.

4. To support people to people cooperation:

Measure 4.1 Institutional cooperation to improve the effectiveness of public services by promoting cooperative actions mainly in the field of public administration and services such as employment, education, health and culture as well as crime prevention and custom procedures;

Measure 4.2 Small-scale “people-to-people” cooperation to increase mutual understanding of various groups of the society and promote exchange of ideas with special emphasis on promoting local governance and democracy and favouring cooperation in social, educational, cultural and media fields.

Website: http://www.huskroua-cbc.net/en/

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CBC Karelia Programme

Countries: Finland


1. Economic development. The programme builds primarily on economic cooperation activities. The objective is to strengthen cross- border economic cooperation and increase cross-border business. The important cornerstones of economic cooperation in the programme area are the forest and wood sectors and the tourism sector.

2. Quality of life. The objective is to improve the quality of life in the programme area through cross-border activities. Positive economic development creates a firm foundation to increase wellbeing, but it only forms one part of the whole picture. Issues such as health, a clean and pleasant environment, functional and practical structure of society and services also increase the well-being effectively.

Website: http://www.kareliaenpi.eu/

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In Engish: http://www.kareliaenpi.eu/en/projects

In Russian: http://www.kareliaenpi.eu/ru/hankkeet


CBC Kolarctic Programme

Countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden


1. Economic and social development.

2. Common challenges. These challenges concern health, security, accidents, environmental risks, and management and border issues.

3. People-to-people cooperation and identity building. The Programme provides an opportunity to strengthen people-to-people and civil society contact at the local level. Actions in the educational and cultural fields as well as enhanced cross-border contacts between civil society groups and NGOs also aim at promoting local governance and mutual understanding.

Website: http://www.kolarcticenpi.info/

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CBC Latvia/Lithuania/Belarus Programme

Countries: Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania


1. Promoting sustainable cross border development and social development. The main areas to be addressed under economic development are the promotion of business development and cooperation in order to increase the region’s competitiveness, and the common regional and local development/territorial planning. These areas will be facilitated by the improvement of accessibility/connectivity physical infrastructure (including the tourism and cultural infrastructure) of the border region.

2. Addressing common challenges. The cross-border region as a whole faces a number of serious challenges, mainly environmental, health and social, which could be best addressed by jointly coordinated and well planned actions. Of special concern is the insufficient and/or substandard environmental monitoring and economic activities in the protected territories, which do not always comply with EU/international conventions and programmes. Another environmental/health problem to be solved by joint efforts is related to the abundance of biting flies, harming cattle and other animals and therefore creating a problem for people in Belarus and the southern part of Lithuania. Under this priority, the focus should be placed on environmental monitoring, preservation of biodiversity and natural resources and limiting any possible negative impact of the increased intensity of economic activity in the region. This particularly concerns the balanced development of protected territories, NATURA 2000 sites and forested/water areas, and calls for a further decrease of pollution emissions by different measures, including the development of bio-energy.

Website: www.enpi-cbc.eu

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Information and details on the supported projects are available at:

In Engish: http://www.enpi-cbc.eu/go.php/eng/projects/659/2/179

In Russian: http://www.enpi-cbc.eu/go.php/rus/PROEKTY/664/2/183


CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme

Countries: Lithuania, Poland


1. Contributing to solving common problems and challenges:

Measure 1.1 Sustainable use of the environment;

Measure 1.2 Accessibility improvement.

2. Pursuing social, economic and spatial development including:

Measure 2.1 Tourism development;

Measure 2.2 Development of human potential by improvement of social conditions, governance and

educational opportunities;

Measure 2.3 Increasing competitiveness of SMEs and development of the labour market;

Measure 2.4 Joint spatial and socio-economic planning.

3. (Horizontal priority) To promote people to people cooperation aiming at:

· Developing local initiatives to increase the administrative capacity of local and regional authorities

· Increasing cooperation in culture, sport, education, social and health fields

Website: http://www.lt-pl-ru.eu/news.php

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Information and details on the supported projects are available at:

In Engish: http://www.lt-pl-ru.eu/en,11

In Russian: http://www.lt-pl-ru.eu/ru,11


CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme

Countries: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom


1. Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories including:

Measure 1.1 Support to innovation and research in the process of local development;

Measure 1.2 Strengthening economic clusters creating synergies among potentials;

Measure 1.3 Strengthening the strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels, and promotion of socio-economic development.

2. Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level including:

Measure 2.1 Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage;

Measure 2.2 Diffusion of renewable energies and improvement in energy effectiveness to contribute addressing climate change.

3. Promotion of better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capitals including:

Measure 3.1 Support to people flows among territories as a means of cultural, social and economic enrichment;

Measure 3.2 Improvement of conditions and modalities of circulation of goods and capitals among the territories.

4. Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance including:

Measure 4.1 Support to mobility, exchanges, training and professionalism of young people;

Measure 4.2Support to the artistic creativity in all its expressions to encourage dialogue among communities;

Measure 4.3Improvement of the governance processes at local level.

Website: http://www.regione.sardegna.it/speciali/enpicbc/en/

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CBC Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme

Countries: Belarus, Poland, Ukraine


1. Increasing competitiveness of the border area including:

Measure 1.1 Better conditions for entrepreneurship;

Measure 1.2 Tourism development;

Measure 1.3 Improving access to the region.

2. Improving the quality of life including:

Measure 2.1 Natural environment protection in the borderland;

Measure 2.2 Efficient and secure borders.

3. Networking and people-to-people cooperation including:

Measure 3.1 Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building;

Measure 3.2 Local communities’ initiatives.


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Information and details on the supported projects are available at:

In Engish: http://www.pl-by-ua.eu/en,5

In Russian: http://www.pl-by-ua.eu/ru,5


CBC Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova Programme

Countries: Moldova, Romania, Ukraine


1. Towards a more competitive border economy, concentrating on improving the economic performance of the border area through the diversification and modernisation, in a sustainable manner, of the border economy. This includes:

Measure 1.1 Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the region’s urban and rural

areas by working across borders;

Measure 1.2 Cross-border initiatives in transport, border infrastructure and energy.

2. Environmental challenges and emergency preparedness supporting long term solutions to the environmental problems faced by the border areas, particularly those associated with water and sewage management systems as well as environmental emergencies where a coordinated approach is essential. This includes:

Measure 2.1 Addressing strategic cross-border environmental challenges including

emergency preparedness;

Measure 2.2 Water supply, sewage and waste management.

3. People to people cooperation promoting greater interaction between people and communities living in the border areas. This includes:

Measure 3.1 Local and regional governance; support to civil society and local communities;

Measure 3.2 Educational, social and cultural exchanges.


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Information and details on the supported projects are available at:

In Engish: http://www.ro-ua-md.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=466&Itemid=347

In Ukrainian: http://www.ro-ua-md.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=467&Itemid=346


CBC South East Finland – Russia Programme

Countries: Finland


1. Economic development: To strengthen local and regional sustainable economic development in the programme area - SME and business development

2. Common challenges - border-crossing and the environment:

· Efficient and secure borders

· Environment and nature protection

3. Social development and civic society:


Information and details on the supported projects are available at:

In Engish: http://www.southeastfinrusnpi.fi/

In Russian: http://www.southeastfinrusnpi.fi/