EaPTC Support Programme Team

  • Erikas Jankauskas, Team Leader
  • Alexei Sekarev, Team Leader (November 2012 – November 2016)
  • Lyubov Palyvoda, Advocacy Expert (Assignment completed in November 2015)
  • Tatiana Derevyankina, Communication Expert
  • Georgui Baranets, Capacity Building Expert
  • Lorenzo Nava, Capacity Building Expert
  • Dora Barrionuevo, Project Director
  • Tamuna Baindurashvili, Office Manager
  • Tamar Vatsadze, Logistic Coordinator

Erikas Jankauskas Team Leader and Сapacity Building Expert

Tel.: +995 322-36-90-74
Mob.: +995 555-440-432

Erikas Jankauskas has more than 15 years professional experience in areas of organizational development in public sector, non-governmental institutions and private establishments. With over 12 year experience in the EU structural funds and technical assistance instruments of PHARE, CARDS, TACIS, IPA and ENPI, Mr. Jankauskas possesses extensive knowledge in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects. He is fully versed in the tools of PCM and LFA, and in their application in practice. He has vast experience in the drafting, development and delivery of programming documents as well as facilitating and preparing successful project proposals which were financed by various sources of funding. At the same time, he demonstrates excellent understanding of specificities involved in the territorial cooperation and CBC programmes in particular, relevant rules and regulations. While assisting the Directorate for European Integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was directly involved in capacity building of joint and national bodies in relation to bilateral CBC programmes, establishment and improvement of adequate management and control systems for efficient preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the relevant programmes and projects. As a trainer, Mr. Jankauskas has supported the institutional capacity building efforts of a number of partner ministries and non-governmental organisations, conducting training needs assessments and delivering tailored training in EU grant schemes and programme management, M&E and EU procedures. He has also been responsible for arranging of study tours, in regards to EU structural instruments and territorial cooperation. Mr. Jankauskas is also well familiar with political, social and economic environment of the Eastern Partnership countries. Since 2007, he has been advising Azerbaijani and Georgian counterparts on issues in relation to public administration reforms, application of institutional building instruments and overall aid coordination Mr. Jankauskas is fluent in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

Alexei Sekarev Team Leader and Capacity Building Expert (November 2012 – November 2016)

Alexei Sekarev looks back at more than 15 years of experience in institutional capacity building projects, in particular in designing, planning and conducting trainings/ coaching for public officials (central government and regional/local institutions). Since 2011 he has been involved in a number of projects as a freelance consultant, including as director of research / team leader of an international expert team at the Estonian School of Diplomacy (Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership). He has also more than 11-year experience as EU Team Leader in Armenia, Russia and Georgia and he has proven leadership skills, ability to manage a team of experts to achieve substantive results within a concise period of time.

Alexei Sekarev holds a Ph.D. from Shevchenko University of Kiev. He has been engaged in academic research on transition economies in Eastern Europe, including as an Alexander-von-Humboldt research fellow. As team leader of several EU-funded projects, he has been rendering advice to Ukrainian, Armenian, Russian and Georgian governments on economic development, regulatory convergence, assistance programming, capacity and institution building in priority areas of cooperation with the EU.

Alexei Sekarev developed a wide experience in cross border cooperation promoting cooperation between actors of different countries, in particular design and implementation of activities involving Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries’ officials; Cross-Border Cooperation program in Armenia (capacity building and awareness raising for public administration and civil society at national and local level); Advice on cross-border cooperation (CBC) SE Finland-Leningrad oblast, Estonia/Latvia-Pskov, Lithuania/Poland-Kaliningrad; CBC related capacity building for regional administration (St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Pskov).

Finally, he has worked in business development in different projects and for different organizations, writing grants and bid proposals for different donors and different companies (private companies and NGO). Mr. Sekarev is fluent in English, Ukrainian, German and Russian.

Lyubov Palyvoda Advocacy Expert

Advocacy, watchdog and coalition building: work with NGOs in supporting their public awareness campaigns, targeted advocacy efforts, watchdog and monitoring activities, direct dialogues and negotiations with public authorities.
Lyubov Palyvoda is Founder and President of CCC Creative Center and independent consultant. Out of 30 years of overall experience, 20 years of experience were dedicated to project identification, design and implementation, organizational and project evaluation; gaining in-depth knowledge and experience in the civil society sector; direct exposure of working with donor organizations in the planning and implementation of civil society programs/projects; design and implementation of grant projects for US, EU, and UN programs; experience with projects related to governance, elections and democratic development as well as advocacy, coalition building, public monitoring, extensive experience in institutional and capacity building, training and research; strategic and administrative management of the organization, fundraising and proposal writing, project report writing, communication with government officials, businesses, donor organizations, and local and international organizations. Specific experience in the certain areas relevant to the assignment includes:

  • Strategic planning with follow-up implementation: planning and implementation of localization and transformation of the international technical assistance project into local NGOs (mostly of USAID-funded projects); development and implementation of M&E system for the People’s Voice Project funded by CIDA and World Bank;
  • Provision of technical input and resource support in the area of “operationalisation”, planning and implementation management: for three-year USAID-funded Promoting Active Citizen Engagement in Combating Corruption in Ukraine (ACTION) Project; Short-term consultant to the EU Delegation during preparation and conducting the international conference “European Commission's support to civil society in Ukraine: lessons learnt and new opportunities”; consultation to individual NGOs, business companies on institutional and capacity building, strategic and administrative management of the organization as well as on the specific EU issues such as ENPI, sectoral approach, Eastern Partnership, etc.
  • Working with European Union: Evaluation of the Joint Programmes between the European Commission and the Council of Europe for democratic, human rights and legal reform in the Russian Federation and Ukraine; Evaluation of EU 2001-2004 IBPP program; short-term consultant to TACIS NCU in Ukraine in 2002 - 2006.

Experience of working in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, other CIS. Ms. Palyvoda holds PhD in Public Administration from Rutgers University (USA) and is fluent in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

The assignment of Ms. Palyvoda has been completed in November 2015.

Tatiana Derevyankina Communication Expert

Tel.: +995 322-36-90-74
Tel.: +38044 332-66-08
e-mail: tatiana.derevyankina@eaptc.eu

Since she has over 10 years of managerial experience in implementation of the EU-funded projects and programmes promoting interstate cooperation in the CIS countries, she acquired deep understanding the EU’s communication and PR policies, strong knowledge of EU procedures and requirements of the Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Actions. Ms. Derevyankina developed several communication strategies for EU-funded projects and successfully implemented information and PR campaigns widely using the modern digital communication techniques and web-based instruments.

Ms. Tatiana Derevyankina is an experienced and skilful expert in field of communications and public relations. During 25 years of work she gained a specific experience in the CIS countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and others.

The previous experience proved her outstanding organisational and logistical skills for successful conducting and marketing high-level international conferences and media events as well as good knowledge of regional print, radio and TV media. She has strong background in liaisoning with the EU projects and programmes, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), donors organisations, state authorities and other high level decision-making stakeholders.

Ms. Derevyankina has expertise in production and editing activities: development of content, design and layout of publications, newsletters, leaflets, brochures; development and production of promotional materials, high quality communication products and informational tools.

She is a team player and has excellent communication, organizational, networking and interpersonal skills; fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Spanish languages.

Georgui Baranets Capacity Building Expert


Graduate of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (now - Belarusian National Technical University). Holder of Diploma in Architecture, PhD, Associate Professor in Regional, Urban, Landscape and Rural Planning. General professional experience counts 37 years and includes operation in senior and leading positions in the research institutions, universities, national and international projects. Member of International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

 Participating in the EU and other donor funding programmes and projects since 1998. Until now accumulated experience in delivery technical assistance within EU cross border cooperation (Tacis, Neighbourhood, ENPI and ENI), territorial cooperation (EaPTC), regional development, sustainable energy and other programmes and projects counts 17 years. Geographically it covers 12 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Rep. of Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine).

Key professional specialisations are:

  • Coopearation and development involving vide range of international, national, local actors representing as public as private sector;
  • Programme/project identification, development, implementation and evaluation/assessement based on the Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach regarding EU assistance policies and procedures;
  • Capacity building including development and delivery of training programmes, modules and specific events;
  • Strategic integrated and sector specific planning and programming; leading of inclusive and paticipatory strategic planning/programming process involving wide range of state and non-state actors.

Author or co-author of 63 publications, including Mid-Term Evaluation of Cross Border Cooperation Programmes under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) 2007-2013; A Guide to National Requirements in Belarus relevant for the implementation of projects financed under ENPI CBC Programmes; Manual: How to move from a Concept Note to the Preparation of the Full Proposal; Manual: Culture Strategy Elaboration versus Project Management; Practical Guide for Belarusian PGAR Users and others.

Lorenzo Nava Capacity Building Expert

Tel.: +995 322-36-90-74
Mob.: +995 598-82-05-09
e-mail: lorenzo.nava@eaptc.eu
Skype: lorenzonava

Lorenzo Nava, Italian, fluent in English, Spanish and Russian, has been actively working in the Eastern Partnership Region and Russia since 1998, when he was working as a journalist correspondent for an Italian newspaper, since then he chose the path of civil society organisations over that of the mass-media, and started to get more and more involved into training and capacity building, at first working mostly with youth groups, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas, specialising on topics such as social inclusion and cultural diversity, and later becoming more and more engaged with civil society organisations and European networks, training, facilitating and coaching local and international organisations into developing social and youth policies, and how to ensure sustainability and support to their activities through the wide range of EU funds available for the civil society in both EU and in Neighbouring Partner Countries.

Mr. Nava was the author of a number of publications and papers on the role of education, psychological, neuro-linguistic and philosophical aspects of learning, as well as a large number of non formal education and experiential learning methodologies, used in his every day life as trainer ad coach.

Lorenzo has had experience working across the EU, Mediterranean Countries, South East Europe and Eastern Partnership countries, spending a decade building up the capacity, sustainability and competences of grassroot informal groups up to large international organisations by delivering tailor made approaches and individual learning paths.

Dora Barrionuevo Project Director

Tel.: +34 91 399 25 88
Fax.: +34 91 399 16 29

Lawyer and political scientist, Ms Maria Dora de Barrionuevo holds three master's degrees (European Union law, MBA and Executive Human Resources). Her professional career has always focused on the field of consultancy, having extensive experience in TA projects, whether multilateral or bilateral. Within Altair she is responsible for direction and backstopping of projects in fields of management consulting for Public Administration, Regional Integration, Capacity and Institutional building related-issues, financial management and cost control, project organisation.

Tamuna Baindurashvili Office Manager

Tel.: +995 322-36-90-74
Mob.: +995 599-51-02-52
e-mail: tamuna.baindurashvili@eaptc.eu
e-mail: office@eaptc.eu

Born in Tbilisi in 1976. Graduated from Tbilisi State Institute of Western European Languages and Cuture in 1998, with BA degree in Linguistics. Has worked in various projects (TACIS-TRACECA, WB, CIDA, CESO, ADB), diplomatic mission (OSCE Mission to Georgia), private companies (Ltd. West-Tech International, AES Telasi), consulting services (Canadian Executive Services Overseas, Ltd. Spectrum Consulting) for NGOs (World Vision, Internally Displaced Women Association) as an office manager, project assistant, procurement assistant and an interpreter/translation.

Tamar Vatsadze – Logistic Coordinator

Tel.: +995 322-36-90-74; +995 790-36-90-73
Mob.: +995 577-23-54-36

Tamar Vatsadze has a pedagogic background as an interpreter-translator, as well as law degree of LL.B. (Tbilisi State University). She also obtained a diploma of Summer School of European Studies in Grenoble/France. After having worked for various higher education projects in Georgia she became Training Assistant & Training Coordinator for the EU projects, namely GEPLAC (Georgian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre) and SIPCA (Support for Implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement). She started to work under the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation (EaPTC) Support Program from April 2013 as a Database Specialist and Logistic Support Coordinator. Ms. Vatsadze is fluent in Georgian, English and Russian.