EaPTC Presentations


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Dilijan_Training_Armenian Requirements_ENG
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Dilijan_Training_EaPTC Support Measures_ENG
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Dilijan_Training_Financial Reporting_ENG
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Dilijan_Training_Georgian Requirements_ENG
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EaPTC_Media Briefings_RUS
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EaPTC_Media Briefings_RO
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Examples of Territorial Cooperation
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EaPTC_General Presentation
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EaPTC_Media Briefings_AZE
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EaPTC_BY-UA-MD_Donor Meeting
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BY-UA Public consultation presentation of JOP 2014 RUS
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МD-UA Public consultation presentation of JOP 2014 RUS
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Sekarev_Introduction to EaPTC
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Kondilidou_EU Communications Principles
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Kondilidou_EaPTC Communication Guideliens
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Palyvoda_EaPTC Advocacy
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Dora Barrionuevo_Administrative Issues
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EU&EaPTC; Visibility_Guidlines_NOV2014
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