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Preserving traditions: EU supports promotion of handicrafts in Belarus

December 15, 2017

The cross-border Belarusian-Ukrainian project “Development of traditional crafts as a driver for SME and self-employment enhancement in the near-border communities” was launched in late November 2017. The new project will start its activities with the development of a craftsmen database, which will include information about the residents of the region with unique craft skills.

In the course of the project implementation, a resource center will be established, where the beginners could get the experts’ consultations, take part in various master classes and trainings, as well as receive support in organizing the trips to sell their manufactured goods on various exhibitions and festivals.

“The idea of the project is to preserve folk crafts and to pass on the skills to the younger generation. We are going to conduct master-classes for students and schoolchildren, hold working meetings for young people, organize festivals and fairs. This is essential for preserving the traditions of handicraft, which is our cultural and historical heritage. There is also an idea to film the process of craftsmen’s work in order to use these videos as educational materials”, - explained one of the project partners Mr Vladimir Zuiev, Head of the NGO “Nerush”, senior lecturer of the Natural Sciences Department at Baranovichi State University.

Implementation of this initiative became possible due to the grant received by Belarusian and Ukrainian partners under the EU funded Eastern PartnerhsipTerritorial Cooperation Programme Belarus – Ukraine. The project is designed for 14 months and will be implemented until January 2019.

Visit the EaPTC website to learn more about the Belarus-Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme.

(Photo credit: http://www.nashkraj.by/2017/12/chtoby-soxranit-tradicii-v-baranovichax-budut-prodvigat-remeslennichestvo/)

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