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The first international agrocluster in Ukraine will be created in Vinnytsia with the EU support

February 13, 2018

Agrocluster "Dniester" is an international information and research platform that will be created in the framework of the joint Moldovan-Ukrainian grant project “Cross-border Network for Innovative Agriculture”. It is aimed at boosting cooperation between the main actors of agricultural sector in Vinnytsia region (Ukraine) and the Republic of Moldova. The project was presented at the launching press conference in Vinnytsia on February 7, 2018.

A unique cross-border project with the overall budget of 297 thousand Euros will increase the competiveness of agricultural sector through the extension of contacts between partners on both sides of the border. Future cooperation is focused on the introduction of innovative farming methods and improving the quality of products, thus providing local agricultural producers with access to the EU markets.

“The connection to research is our priority. It will help reveal a new agricultural potential of the region, find new types of crops for commercial cultivation and establish an economically sound and competitive production chain. This will improve the quality of products in the domestic market and open up new export horizons”, – highlighted Mr Sergiy Tatusiak, Chairman of the NGO Euroregion “Dniester”.

Establishment of the Center for Innovative Agriculture will be one of the most important project outcomes. It is expected that the Centre will provide an opportunity to certify products in compliance with the EU standards and requirements using an automatic amino acid analyser. Apart from agricultural producers, the cluster will involve representatives of the processing and logistic companies, as well as manufacturers of packing products.

The project also provides for the creation of an online platform that will help searching for local producers and companies from related sectors by their profile. According to Mr Andriy Kavunets, Director of the NGO Euroregion “Dniester”, “this online tool will become a platform for searching partners, both at home and abroad, opening new opportunities to present themselves and their products”.

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(Source: http://www.dniester.eu/news/1717)

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