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Improvement of solid waste management in Ijevan and Bolnisi: summing up the project results

February 27, 2017

On February 23 – 24, 2017, Yerevan hosted the conference entitled “From Challenges to Opportunities”, which brought together representatives of Ijevan and Bolnisi municipalities. The event aimed to present the main outcomes of the joint cross-border project “Common solutions to shared concerns: improvement of Solid Waste Management in Ijevan and Bolnisi”, funded by the European Union under Armenia – Georgia Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme (EaPTC).

In particular, the achievements of the 1.5-year project include: development of policy documents on solid waste management in Tavush and Kvemo Kartli regions of Armenia and Georgia, raising awareness on the issue among the citizens on both sides of the border, introduction of waste separation in the area, installation of bins for plastic waste in both cities.

“50 bins are already installed in Bolnisi and Ijevan, while citizens from both communities have been actively involved in the project actions. According to survey results, 7 out of 10 citizens in Ijevan and 6 out of 10 citizens in Bolnisi separate plastic bottles and have now improved their solid waste management skills”, mentioned Ms. Lilit Ghalumyan, Head of Programmes on Education, Sports and Culture in Ijevan Municipality, responsible for the Solid Waste Management Project.

According to Ms. Ghalumyan, a mutual will to find solutions to common problems may help overcome any kind of obstacles or difficulties: "I think our project has been successful, we consider this to be a small victory”, she added, expressing her gratitude to all the partners and organisations involved in the realisation of the joint action.

To learn more about the project, please visit the Project Page at the EaPTC web portal.

More information about the Armenia – Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme, including the awarded projects, can be found at: http://eaptc.eu/en/program/view-armenia-georgia.html

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