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Grantees of the Belarus – Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme identified

February 13, 2017

Preliminary list of grantees under Belarus – Ukraine Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme was approved by the members of the Joint Decision Making Committee in Chernihiv on February 10, 2017.

In total, 148 joint project proposals were submitted by Belarusian and Ukrainian partners from the eligible regions of both countries. Upon the results of the evaluation process 18 cross-border teams have been selected that will receive grant funding from the European Union for implementing joint projects to address common challenges in the neighboring regions of Belarus and Ukraine.

The EaPTC Programme Managing Authority will submit the list to the European Commission for endorsement. The winners will be officially announced after signing the grant contracts, tentatively in April 2017.

The total amount of funding available by the EU under this Call for Proposals is 3.3 million EUR. For more information about the Belarus – Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme please visit: http://eaptc.eu/en/program/view-belarus-ukraine.html

(View more pictures from the event at the EaPTC web gallery).

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