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Belarus-Ukraine Info Days were attended by more than a thousand people

February 11, 2016

On 1 – 16 February 2016, five Ukrainian cities – Chernigov, Zhitomir, Kiev, Rovno and Lutsk – hosted a series of Information Days under Belarus – Ukraine (BY–UA) Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

The overall objective of the event was to provide the participants with important theoretical and practical information on applying for grants and implementing cross-border projects.

BE-UA Info Days gathered around 650 potential applicants of Call for Proposals in Ukraine and around 400 people in Belarus (Brest, Pinsk and Gomel), including print and broadcast media.

The events were organized by EaPTC Support Programme Team jointly with the EaPTC Managing Authority. In Ukraine, State Administrations of the above-mentioned cities took an active part in their implementation.  

Ms. Zhanna Solovyova, Head of the local NGO ‘Modern Format’ considered Info Days very useful to potential participants, since Programme experts could explain the specifics of Call for Proposals application in detail and, thereby, make it easier for applicants to prepare project proposals. As a result, the Managing Authority would receive projects of highest quality. ‘Our fast growing organization is interested in possible participation in Call for Proposals as we have partners in Belarus to implement joint projects with’.

Mr. Yaroslav Laguta, Deputy Head of Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration, believes that Ukrainians and Belarusians are united as by the long border as by closely related languages and cultures. Therefore, whether the political situation is, it is sufficient for Ukraine and Belarus to maintain a friendship and develop a permanent strategic partnership. ‘BY-UA Territorial Cooperation Programme provides a great opportunity to find common ground and work for a common purpose. Any initiatives supported by the EU help to gain important knowledge and experience. Territorial Cooperation Program is interesting by the fact that projects can be implemented by both state and public structures. Thus, it provides external interaction with the Belarusian neighbours and strengthens the internal dialogue at the same time’.

In February, the so-called ‘Project Clinics’ held two-week individual consultations for potential applicants from Ukraine and Belarus in the process of preparing project proposals. ‘Clinics’ scope of work included issues concerning the content, application form, budget, documentation and other specific features of the projects planned to be submitted for the Call for Proposals. ’Project Clinics’ was provided by EaPTC Support Programme Team. According to the Programme expert Lorenzo Nava, a total of 30 potential project participants applied for individual consultations.

The BY-UA Call for Proposals is to be held until April 19. It has three operative objectives: 1) to improve the living conditions of local communities in the border regions through joint projects supporting economic and social development, 2) to address common challenges in the fields of environment, employment, public health and any other field of common interest having a cross border dimension, 3) culture, education, and sports.

Mr. Alexey Sekarev, Team Leader of the EaPTC Support Programme Team, says that ‘The Programme is of great interest to participants, and we expect a strong competition between project proposals’ and assumes about a hundred of applications for cross-border projects funding to be submitted.

Mr. Erk Roeloffs, Head of the EaPTC Administration, expects contracts on the winning projects implementation under Belarus – Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Programme to be signed in November 2016. 

Anatoliy Martsynovskyi
Informational Multiplier in Ukraine

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