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General Facts of the Republic of Belarus

Official Name: Republic of Belarus
President of Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko (1994 - present)
Prime Minister of Belarus: Andrey Kobyakov
Total land area of Belarus 207,600 km²
Population of Belarus – 9.458 million

  • Population living in cities – 75.8%
  • The capital is Minsk – 1.889,1 million inhabitants

Administrative divisions
6 voblasts and 1 municipality (Minsk)
Regional centres of Belarus (2011):

  • Brest - 321,000 inhabitants
  • Vitebsk – 367,000 inhabitants
  • Gomel – 507,000 inhabitants
  • Grodno –346,000 inhabitants
  • Mogilev – 363,000 inhabitants




(Source: 2009 census)

Telephone: main telephone equipment – about 4.2 million, users of mobile phones – 10.7 million
Internet users: more than 3.1 million

System of State Administration of the Republic of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is a unitary democratic social state based on the rule of law (Article 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus). The Republic of Belarus recognizes the supremacy of the universally acknowledged principles of international law and ensures that its laws comply with such principles. The state power in Belarus rests in three branches of government: the legislative, executive and judicial.
Belarus is a presidential republic. The President of the Republic of Belarus is the Head of State, the guarantor of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the rights and liberties of man and citizen.
Under the Constitution, the Parliament is the legislative body of the Republic of Belarus. The Parliament consists of two chambers: the Chamber of Representatives and the Council of the Republic.
Executive power in the Republic of Belarus is exercised by the Government - the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus - the central body of state administration.
Local government and self-government is exercised through local executive and administrative bodies, bodies of self-government, referenda, etc.
Courts of law exercise judicial power in the Republic of Belarus. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus supervises the constitutionality of enforceable enactments of the state.