EaPTC Moldova – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Youth in Action

Title of the actionYouth in Action                                                                                                                                                                                          
Location(s) of the action

Republic of Moldova

Odesa region, Ukraine

Total duration16 (sixteen) months
Total cost142313 EUR
EU financing127370,14 EUR
Name of the applicantCross-border Cooperation and European Integration Agency, Republic of Moldova

Youth public organisation “New European Generation”, Ukraine 

Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Republic of Moldova 

Applicant’s contact details

Contact person
Valeriu Ajder
23/4, 31 August Street, Cahul, 3900, Republic of Moldova
+ 373 29926968
+ 373 29926968

Summary of the action 

Objectives of the action

Overall objective of the project is to improve cooperation among young people from Moldova and Ukraine in order to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle in their communities.                                                        

Specific objectives:

  • To create a network of sports clubs/associations from Moldova and Ukraine and organise common sports events;
  • To actively promote sports and healthy lifestyle among youth in the cross-border area;
  • To include sports among the top priorities at local and regional level in Moldova and Ukraine;
  • To improve sports infrastructure and endowment in the target cities.
Main activities

  • Improve local sports infrastructure and endowment;
  • Promote sports and healthy lifestyle among young people.


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