EaPTC Moldova – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Cross-border Network for Innovative Agriculture

Total duration12 months
Location(s) of the action

Vinnytsia region, Ukraine

16 districts of Republic of Moldova

EU financing267 412.00 EUR
Name of the applicantInternational NGO “Regional centre for cross-border cooperation Euroregion "Dniester"

Contact details





Facebook page of the project:

Soborna St., 70, Vinnytsia, 21100, Ukraine

+ 380 432 530959



Contact personSergey Tatusiak


Contact details




Contact person:

NGO “Cutezatorul”, Republic of Moldova Falesti

Mikhelashа village, Telenesti district, Republic of Moldova


Christina Grazhdieru

Summary of the action

Overall objective of the action

To develop a competitive agricultural sector through increased contacts between partners on both sides of the border

Specific objectives

  • Macroeconomic level: to increase the added value of the agricultural sector by carrying out key agricultural research aimed to introduce new types of crops for commercial cultivation suitable for the weather conditions in the target area, as well as to develop agriculture-related services.
  • Sectoral level: to increase the bargaining power of the sector by creating an agricultural cluster; to develop better infrastructure in the agricultural sector; to improve management and technical tools in the agricultural sector; to explore the opportunities of the European market for local agricultural producers.

Target audience

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the agricultural sector, as well as enterprises from related sectors

Main activities

  • Carrying out an initial market study in order to get a detailed picture of the market: company profile (product list, production volume, infrastructure, employees: number and qualifications), main problems of the sector, information needed to perform on the market;
  • Creating an agricultural cluster including companies from market research sample and other interested agricultural companies; in addition to agricultural producers, the cluster will include companies from related areas (trade, transportation, consulting services, financial services, legal services, food industry);
  • Conducting research on the new agricultural conditions: soils and climate change in order to cultivate new agricultural crops with a higher economic potential;
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter offering information about the market;
  • Developing a training programme for small and medium-sized producers on innovative technologies in agriculture, EU standardisation, applied management, marketing tools, thus enhancing the competitiveness of agricultural sector;
  • Creating the online platform to identify local producers by their profile, to identify companies from related sectors and to identify market-related information, thus ensuring closer business link across the border;
  • Creating a Center for Innovative Agriculture where members of the cluster and other local producers will be able to use various equipment for improving their products in order to increase their potential on the European market. Output: Automatic amino acid analyser Monoblock - a convenient device for determining the quantitative and qualitative composition of amino acids in the protein hydrolysates and peptides, free amino acids determination in physiological solutions and extracts, as well as for determination of biogenic amines – equipment used for quality control.

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