EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Development of traditional crafts as a driver for SME and self-employment enhancement in the near-border communities

Overall objective
  • To raise the living standards of the local communities
  • To preserve the common historical and cultural heritage in near-border regions
Specific objectives
  • To enhance cooperation between the near-border regions through joint business and cultural initiatives in the field of folk crafts
  • To increase the level of employment and self-employment in local communities (especially among the youth and disabled people) through the development of traditional folk crafts
  • To establish efficient business channels for local folk handicrafts to new markets (primarily, the EU market)
Target group(s)
Main activities
  • Project team meetings
  • Awareness raising campaign
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Development of educational materials, video-courses, remote educational programmes
  • Establishment of resource centers – manufacture hubs
  • Provision of actual business-services for the SMEs
  • Regional exhibitions; international ethnic festival
  • Experience exchange; involvement of experts from the EU
  • Promotion of on-line sales sites;
  • Monitoring and independent assessment of the project results;
  • Financial audit. Development of information and awareness materials on the topic of water resources;
  • Overall administration and project management.
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