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Youth voices for change and development

Youth Voices for Change and Development [English subtitles]


When voices of youth are louder

July 8, 2016

While teachers are still one of the major opinion-leaders in villages and small communities, student volunteers are playing a bridge role among generations in the project “Youth voices for change and development”. Involvement of teachers in transboundary cooperation creates a strong basis for public awareness in respected communities...


Youth Voices for Change and Development 

March 22, 2016

Society of Democratic Women of Marneuli, a non-government organisation, which was established in Marneuli in 2005, is dedicated to advocating the rights of women, children and people with special needs, among others. The organisation’s 18-month project Youth Voices for Change and Development has been awarded the EU-financed grant under the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Support Programme (EaPTC). 

Title of the action:Youth voices for change and development
Location(s) of the action:

Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities, Kvemo Kartli region (Georgia)

Alaverdi and Stepanavan municipalities, Lori Marzes (Armenia)

Total duration18 month
EU financing77,816 EUR
Name of the applicantSociety of Democratic Women of Marneuli
Not profit making organisation, NGO
Co-applicant 1

Centre for Community Mobilization and Support


The Republic of Armenia

Not profit making organisation, NGO

Co-applicant 2

International Association "Civitas Georgica”



Not profit making organisation, NGO

Applicant’s contact details

Postal address:3000, Georgia, Marneuli, Rustaveli St. 53\28
Telephone number: 

+995 599 45 79 60

+995 0357 22 27 01

Fax number:N/A
Contact person for this action:Olga Endeladze
Contact person’s email:endel92@mail.ru
Address:Georgia, Marneuli, Cholockashvili St.5/19
Website of the Organisation:www.sdwmarneuli.ge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Summary of the action

Objectives of the action
  • create basis for cross-border cooperation of Georgian and Armenian youth through improved practice-based civic education, increased community engagement and joint implementation of small-scale projects;
  • strengthen practice-based civic education at schools through Student-School connections;
  • support Georgian-Armenian youth in addressing common challenges;
  • gain the support and involvement of local communities in multi-cultural dialogue.
Target group(s)20 schools from 4 districts of Armenia and Georgia; 20 university students from border regions; 400 secondary school pupils, 20 school principles and 20 teachers, 50 parents.
Final beneficiariesStudents and their parents, population of border districts, appr. 60.000 people.
Estimated results

Cooperation and partnership established between 20 secondary schools;

schools have implemented 10 joint projects addressing common problems of bordering districts;

overcoming stereotypes through the establishment of contacts and interpersonal relationships between young people;

providing opportunities for cross-border projects trough exhibitions and fare;

student-school relations established.

Main activitiesJoint small-scale projects implemented by participating schools, cross-border fares and exhibitions, joint summer camp for students, workshops and seminars for school principles, teachers and students

The role and participation in the action of various actors and stakeholders

Society of Democratic Women of Marneuli (SDWM) will be responsible for all formal arrangements pertaining to the project and all contractual obligations. It will establish a project implementation unit consisting of the Project Manager, CCMS Project Coordinator and a part-time Financial Manager. SDWM will be in charge of all logistics and organisational matters of the project taking place in Georgia. The team will consist project manager, logistics officer and financial manager. All will be based in Marneuli with frequent travel to Bolnisi municipality, that is very close to Marneuli (30km).

CCMS is SDWM's main partner and co-applicant in the proposed action. The Armenian NGO will be in charge of all logistics and organisational matters of the project taking place in Armenia and responsible for the project components described in the current proposal. There will be a regular telephone, email, and face-to-face communication between all project partners. Skype conferences will be used regularly for connection with the Georgia Project Manager.

Civitas Georgica will provide expert input to the implementation of the project based on its good knowledge of cross-border problems and long-term experience with development issues in post-soviet countries. Experts from the organisation, members of Central and Easter European Citizens Network (CEE CN) will conduct training sessions for students, teachers and organise Summer Camp for Georgian and Armenian students.


The sustainability of project results will also be ensured by established connections among Armenian and Georgian schools and university students. These contacts are important for both sides and if there are good personal relations, mutual cooperation can easily start.

In short, the project envisages the following sustainable results:

  • 10 partnership project that will be implemented showing benefits of cross-border cooperation, will create ground for long-term cooperation among students, teachers and schools
  • Common issues of concern revealed and discussed will be further directed to authorities and become starting points for cross-border dialogue between local governments.
  • Contacts established and information shared between teachers and school administrators will support positive changes at schools and motivate for continuous dialogue.
  • Students will understand values and benefits of cooperation; At least 400 students and their teachers will participate. The information will be spread in their communities and other schools.
  • Twinning partnerships established (20 schools); There will be a partnership established between Armenian and Georgian schools in selected municipalities;
  • Local communities access the benefits of cross-border cooperation - 2500 visitors of the exhibition; 200 people attending fare. It will speak about the benefits of cross-border cooperation. 

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