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Fairy-Tales Teaching Trust

Fairy -Tales Teaching Trust [English subtitles]


Cartoon network between Gyumri and Bolnisi

July 8, 2016

The European Union grant project led by Bolnisi Language Center aimed at developing cooperation between kids in of transboundary regions of Georgia and Armenia may become not only a good example of children successful cooperation cases but to leave a piece of art for the next generations...

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Fairy-Tales Teaching Trust

March 22, 2016

Bolnisi Language House, a non-government organisation based in Bolnisi, Kvemo Karli, was set up in 2007 with the goal to help ethnic minority communities through language training and cultural programs with the integration process and increase their political and social participation. Having partnered with the City Research Center in Armenia, Bolnisi Language House received the EU funding... 

Title of the action:Fairy-Tales Teaching Trust                                                                                                                                                             
Location(s) of the action:

Bolnisi, Kvemo Kartli, Georgia

Gyumri, Shirak Region, Armenia

Total duration12 months
EU financing54135 Euro / 29.278.373 dram
Name of the applicantNGO Bolnisi Language House, Georgia
Co-applicantCity Research Center, Armenia

Applicant’s contact details

Postal address:Georgia, Bolnisi,1100, Lazareshvili N43
Telephone number:995 + 599+98 24 16
Contact person for this action:Irma Zurabashvili
Contact person’s email:irmazurabashvili@gmail.com
Address:Georgia,1100, Lazareshvili@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Summary of the action

Objectives of the action

The establishment of trustworthy atmosphere between the societies of two regions.

  • Promotion of intercultural thinking among teenagers from Gyumri, Armenia, and Bolnisi, Georgia.
  • The establishment of friendly, reliable relations within 20 teenagers and their families
  • Creative development of the teenagers participating in the Action
Target group(s)Teenagers involved in the Action
Final beneficiariesParents, classmates, teachers
Estimated results
  • Joint creativity of teenagers
  • Gaining positive and trustful attitude towards the neighbouring cultures
  • Establishment of intercultural thinking among teenagers
  • Establishment of contacts among teenagers: launching and enhancing bridge-building
Main activities

Two-day training course on fairy tales representing cultural specifics of Armenia and Georgia in schools of drawing, in Gyumri and Bolnisi.

Creation of 10 animations on the themes of Armenian and Georgian fairy tales through joint work of Gyumri and Bolnisi teenagers

Creation of theatrical performances based on the Armenian and Georgian fairy tales during the ten-day training course. 10 telecast on local channels of two regions broadcasting the animations created by the teenagers.

Sustainability of the action

The project aims to establish a trusting atmosphere between the two neighbouring regions of Kvemo Kartli in Georgia and the Shirak region of Armenia, to the termination of the negative perception of the neighbouring cultures.

To achieve our objectives and goal, we will work with the teenagers of two regions in who doesn’t still have any negative stereotypes. We will work teenagers, which will be taught by the methods of non-formal education and intercultural thinking, they will get acquainted with their peers from neighbouring regions, they will learn much about each other and the culture of each other. Animation on the fairy tales of the neighbouring cultures, as well as theatre performances, will be presented for a large audience: parents, relatives, classmates, friends of the participants, visitors of the project website, local TV audience will get acquainted with the ideas of the Action. Gradually, we will work in the direction to spread the intercultural thinking in the regions.

As a result of these actions, we will gradually change our societies which will get intercultural dialogue skills and will get trusty attitude and behaviour to the neighbours. The populations will start to work together to establish cultural, social, economic development it inter-regional relations.

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