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High-speed Internet network for research cooperation in the Eastern Partnership

June 12, 2015

The European Commission yesterday signed a €13 million contract with networking organisation GÉANT to expand connectivity in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. The 5-year project aims at creating a regional high-speed Internet network dedicated to research and education across the EaP. It will interconnect the National Research and Education Networks in the partner countries and integrate them in the pan-European GÉANT network.


Two million scientists, academics and students at over 700 institutions across the region will benefit. This high-speed broadband network will enable access and exchange between scientific databases and facilitate international cooperation via faster data transfer.


By enabling fast and reliable exchange of high volumes of data between scientists in EaP countries and their peers in Europe and further afield, EaPConnect will facilitate collaborative research in areas such as environmental monitoring, telemedicine, life sciences and physics. In addition, stable videoconferencing will support e-learning initiatives or simply enable artists, thousands of miles apart, to perform together in near-real time. (EU Neighbourhood Info)


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