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Georgia: EU4Business helps turn abandoned building into international hotel

February 5, 2020

How did an abandoned building in the heart of Georgia turn into a modern international hotel in just a couple of years?

A new story shared on the EU4Business website talks about a 27-year-old entrepreneur who, after living in London for 7 years, returned to Georgia to implement his business plan and open an international hotel in the city of Telavi.

The plan was ready and access to financing remained the only obstacle in the way of realising it.

Thanks to the €2.6 million received through the EU4Business-EBRD credit line, the entrepreneur managed to convert rubble into an EU-standard hospitality business, generating 65 new jobs and attracting thousands of tourists to the region.

Read more about the story of this entrepreneur and how to apply for similar funding on the EU4Business website.

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