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EU supports expansion and green transformation of Ukrainian retail group

May 22, 2020

Following the opening of a number of new food stores by the country’s largest retail group, consumers in Ukraine will have more options to choose from in order to enjoy a better, safer and more sustainable shopping experience. The retail group will launch the first ‘green’ supermarket in Ukraine, which will be fully compliant with the main principles for the construction of environmentally sustainable buildings. Domestic food producers that supply groceries to the retail group, including small and medium-sized enterprises, will also benefit from new business opportunities generated by the new stores.

The European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is supporting the largest trade industrial group in Ukraine, Fozzy Group, in becoming more energy efficient and reducing waste production. A long-term loan of up to USD 60 million will contribute to the group’s investment programme and help the food retailer to open or renovate up to 70 stores and supermarkets total.

The loan is part of the Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC), supported by the European Union. It covers energy and resource efficiency improvements in the group’s first ‘green’ store, including heat supply from a ground heat pump, Freon-free refrigerators, onsite renewable electricity generation and waste reduction activities.

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