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EU provides Belarusian doctors with equipment for minimally invasive surgeries

May 18, 2020

Hrodna University Clinic will receive new laparoscopic equipment as part of the EU-supported project ‘Improving the life quality of cancer patients in Vilnius and Hrodna regions’. The equipment will be used to perform minimally invasive cancer surgeries with shorter rehabilitation periods.

The project will also organise around 50 online sessions, consultations and trainings for Hrodna clinic doctors, which will be led by specialists from Vilnius University Clinic.

A total of 300 minimally invasive surgeries are expected to be performed at Hrodna University Clinic during the project period. The new equipment will remain in the clinic even after the project finishes.

The EU project is implemented within the framework of the cross-border programme ‘Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus’. Its main aim is to reinforce the cooperation between Lithuania and Belarus. The project seeks to allow the two countries to exchange experience in reducing social isolation and improving the quality of life of cancer patients in Vilnius and Hrodna regions. The project will also help expand access to minimally invasive surgical services in urology, abdominal surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology.

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