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Cross-border Summer Camp and Small Rivers Festival were held in Pinsk district within Cross-border Water Inspectors Project

August 30, 2018

More than 150 children and teachers from Pinsk (Belarus) and Lubeshiv (Ukraine) gathered in Kalavuravichy village in Pinsk district during Cross-border Summer Camp. There they were learning how to monitor small rivers, manage waste, use secondary materials, etc. Camp was held from August 16 till August 21, 2018 and finished with Cross-Border Small Rivers Festival Belarus - Ukraine in Pinkavichy village on August 22 (Pinsk district)


These events took place within Cross-border Water Inspectors project, which is co-funded by the European Union within Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme Belarus-Ukraine. During the project children from Pinsk (Belarus) and Lubeshiv (Ukraine) districts will monitor small rivers of Pripyat river basin which are situated in villages and settlements where they live.


What does participants think about camp?


Solomia Musirivska, 15 years, pupil from Derevok village (UA)


I think that it is very important to defend small rivers, because we affect on their condition. I live in Ukrainian village Derevok, where Pripyat’s flow Korostynka is situated. On workshops during camps I gained a lot of useful skills which I will apply during monitoring and cleaning campaign in our public ecological post. For example, now I know how to make chemical analysis of water and indicate whether it is safe or no, create houses for birds which live near banks, manage waste and use secondary materials.


Ludmila Savchuk, Teacher from Lubeshiv State Lyceum (UA)


To be honest, we were pretty nervous while coming to the camp, because there were a lot of teenagers from Belarus and Ukraine. In the end everything went awesome and we ensured that there are no borders for cooperation and friendship. As teachers, we gained a lot of useful techniques during the camp which we will also use on lessons in our schools. I believe children will share ideas of saving environment and small rivers among their peers.


Katya Prigodich, 12 years, pupil from Bobrik village (BY)


I came to the camp from village Bobrik, where eponymous flow of Pripyat is situated.  I was inspried about creating own project of eco-city and defending it during the camp. During workshops on chemical analysis of water we discovered that it is very important to monitor wells either. Sometimes water there could contain chemical substances above normal and that’s dangerous because people drink this water.


Apart from summer camp’s participants, festival gathered residents of Pinsk and Pinsk district. During this eco-celebration guests could create art installation together with Belarusian street artist Bazinato, make eco jewelery, send a postcard by green post and listen to Belarusian and Ukranian music bands, such as RSP (BY), Recha (BY), Vibeclub (BY), Yavar i Kalina (BY), Kolir (UA), One Light Inside (UA).

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