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Chernivtsi: “Through Sustainable Transport to Clean Environment”

February 25, 2019

On February 6-8, 2019 a cross-border conference was held in Chernivtsi (Ukraine), organized by NGO “Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development” as the part of the project “Through Sustainable Transport to Clean Environment”.

The main goal of the event was to present and discuss the results of the implementation of the cross-border project “Through sustainable transport to clean environment”. It was aimed at sharing the experience between project partners, speakers and project participants, but also to attract public attention to the problems and possibilities of sustainable development, particularly in the field of sustainable mobility.

Participants of the conference - more than 30 representatives of different cities and towns of Ukraine and Moldova, as well as invited experts and speakers, shared their experience in planning and implementing sustainable transport solutions and financing sustainable mobility projects.

During the conference, the general results of the project “Through sustainable transport to a clean environment” in Ukraine and Moldova were presented, among which the main ones are:

 Elements of sustainable transport infrastructure have been created;

 Air quality monitoring system has been implemented;

 Cross-border network of sustainable development organizations has been launched and is supported by cross-border activities;

 Ukrainian and Moldavian cities have joined the European Mobility Week (the largest promotional campaign for sustainable transport);

 Media has been involved in promoting sustainable development policies;

 People are aware of sustainable transportation.


More details on the results can be found in the presentations: Ekaterina Sorokan, project manager, Edinet City Hall

Zhanna Oliynyk, project coordinator, Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development.

One group of project activities was aimed at analyzing the national legislation of Ukraine and Moldova, as well as the Association Agreements with the European Union, to identify obligations and opportunities for the development of sustainable transport systems in the target countries of the project. The results of the analysis were not only presented at the conference but also available to all interested parties via links:

Analysis of the legislation of Ukraine, Moldova and the EU on sustainable mobility, Vadym Denysenko, expert, Kyiv Cycling Association;

Lilia Strimbanu, expert, the city council of Edinets.

The conference block on the strategic development of sustainable mobility was presented with the topics on integrated city development, based on the example of Chernivtsi, as well as presentations on the development strategy of the bicycle infrastructure in the project partner cities:

Chernivtsi 2030: the concept of integrated city development, Ivan Kostyak, GIZ;

The bicycle infrastructure strategy of Edinet, Vitaly Sorokan, the city council of Edinet;

The bicycle infrastructure strategy of Chernivtsi, Tatyana Lebukhorska, NGO BARD.

Another important part of the project is the development of the method for air quality monitoring in Chernivtsi and Edinet. The results of the work carried out and achievements in this area were presented by the invited expert, Yurii Khalavka. During the monitoring, it was found that the main pollutants that significantly affect the air quality in the city of Chernivtsi are the PM2.5 and PM10 fine dust fractions. A significant number of measurements at roadside points showed excess over the recommended values ​​of PM2.5 and PM10. The main reasons for this are presumably intensive road and construction work in the nearby points where the monitoring was carried out, as well as measures to combat the icy conditions.

The presentation is available here: Air quality monitoring in Chernivtsi, Yurii Khalavka, expert, Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine.

In order to find out why local business supports the idea of sustainable development and how socially responsible business helped in the implementation of public events within the project, representatives of Chernivtsi enterprises were invited. The partners of NGO BARD shared their experience: Yaroslav Zhuk, “Molokiya”, Christina Byrchak, “Multimedia”, Oksana Samborska, “First Kiev Courses of Foreign Languages”.

Information campaigns play an important role in the implementation of most projects. In the case of this one, the main goal was to spread the idea of ​​using sustainable transport. One of the activities within the information campaign of the project “Through Sustainable Transport to Clean Environment” in Chernivtsi was the series of lectures “15x4”, which were presented by Lyubov Marushina, “Laboratory of Culture”. Also, during the project, a video blog competition among school students of Chernivtsi on the topic of sustainable development was held. Anastasia Andrechuk, Valeria Chaika, Yana Korzhan shared their experiences of participating in it during the conference. The results of information campaigns in Moldova were presented by Liliana Samtsov from Edinet.

In the next block of the conference, networking - project activities were presented, namely: camps and a cross-border bicycle mileage. The purpose of those was to unite and create a network of like-minded people from different regions of Ukraine and Moldova, preparing them for the organization of their own projects and events in the future. The project included a series of mirror events (camps) in two countries to draw attention to the ideas of sustainable development of different target audiences, during the following events: Urban Camp (for activists interested in the topic of sustainable urban development), Media Camp (for journalists and media representatives), Mobility camp (for future organizers of the European Mobility Week). More than 60 people participated in the camps and went on to write more than 30 publications on sustainable development and use their knowledge in the process of organizing and conducting the EMW campaigns.

Worth mentioning are two cross-border bicycle mileages (Chernivtsi-Edinet, Edinet-Chernivtsi), which are important networking activities of the project. In total, 30 participants from two project countries conquered the distance of more than 140 km (one-way) and conducted a series of informational events for the residents of the communities on the route (Novoselitsa, Briceni).

Presentations of speakers from this block can be found here:

Camps in Ukraine, Anna Nogol, BARD;

Camps in Moldova, Anastasia Lupu, AREAP

Race in Ukraine, Artem Kozmenko, Alina Aleksandryuk, Lesya Krushelnytska, participants from Chernivtsi

Run in Moldova - Nikolai Vineatinsky, a participant from Edinet

European Mobility Week has become a large-scale and one of the key project campaigns. Different EMW events were held in more than a dozen of localities in Ukraine (Chernivtsi, Novoselitsa, Dovzhok, Vyzhnytsia, Luzhany, Mamaivtsi, Sokyrany, Babyn, Mohyliv-Podilsky, Reni) and Moldova (Edinet, Balti, Viisoara). Local initiatives of various types were organized in the cities and towns, for example, lessons and competitions for children and adults, “Bike to work” and “Lady on a bicycle”, film screenings, “car-free” days, bike races and many more.

EMW results and personal experiences of organizing the campaigns were described in the following presentations during the conference:

Sokiryansky district for the first time supported the European initiative, Rostislav Buzylo (Sokyriany);

EMW - not a myth, but reality, Natalia Dolga (Babyn village),

Promotion of sustainable transport in Vyzhnytsky district, Lyudmila Matsyuk (Vizhnitsa),

Victor Grigor, a participant from Balti,

Veronica Spataru, participant Viisoara.


The cross-border conference “Through sustainable transport to clean environment” was organized by NGO “Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development” within the framework of the project “Through sustainable transport to clean environment”. This project is co-funded by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Program “Moldova-Ukraine”.


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