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EU project supports public consultation for Khrami/Debed River Basin management plan in Georgia

March 21, 2019

On 21 March, the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia gathered experts and water stakeholders to seek their views on the future management of the Khrami and Debed river basins.

The event is part of public consultations, organised by the Ministry with support from the European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership (EUWI+ 4 EaP) project, which are being held in the country between 15 March and 15 April.

The consultations aim to seek the views of the public on how to guarantee good drinking water quality, safe leisure activities, thriving economic activities, preserved biodiversity and aquatic life. The information collected will be taken into account during the development of a river basin management plan for the Khrami and Debed river basin district.

EUWI+ 4 EaP helps Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to bring their legislation closer to EU policy in the field of water management, with a main focus on the management of trans-boundary river basins. It supports the development and implementation of pilot river basin management plans, building on the improved policy framework and ensuring strong participation among local stakeholders.

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